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We design WordPress websites from start to finish and beyond.

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Initial meeting.

We never charge for initial meetings and there is no obligation to proceed.


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Choosing and registering a domain name.

We can help with the choice of an appropriate domain name for your business. As this will need to be renewed every year we can undertake the renewal as part of our maintenance package.

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Construction of website.

After discussion and consultation we will produce initial drafts of the website pages when all amendments can be made.

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Hosting of site.

We offer a very competitive hosting package which can be part of the maintenance package or a stand alone monthly charge.

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Maintenance Package.

As there are a number of elements which make up a WordPress website and these have to be updated on a fairly regular basis we offer to undertake this, domain renewal as well as hosting the site for an agreed monthly charge. This also includes availability to promptly attend to any problems should they occur.